Precast concrete since 1955.

Cast-Crete was founded in 1955 with the desire to build precast concrete products for the construction industry.  In the years that followed, Cast Crete pioneered the use of precast concrete lintels and sills to improve the structural integrity of residential homes and commercial buildings while also providing significant cost and time savings to builders. Today, Cast-Crete has transformed from a category innovator to a highly recognized and trusted brand of construction products.

Concrete block construction, which is more durable than wood frame construction, is the preferred construction to meet building code requirements across most of Florida and other hurricane susceptible areas of the nation’s coastal states.  Precast lintels and sills, coupled with other structural components such as rebar and wire mesh, are critical components of concrete block construction, providing load bearing support and creating structural integrity to withstand the harshest weather environments.  Cast-Crete precast concrete products are proprietary and meet the strictest standards set by building jurisdictions. In addition to precast concrete products, Cast-Crete provides rebar, wire mesh, fasteners, and other masonry resale items that are used in the construction of concrete structures.  In 2021, Cast-Crete diversified further with the acquisition of Curbco, a provider of concrete curbing and paving services servicing the west coast of Florida.

Cast-Crete did not become the leader in the precast industry based on product alone.  Our main manufacturing plant, where most of the magic happens, is based near Tampa, Florida and supported by nine company owned distribution facilities across the state. We have also extended our reach by partnering with distributors in other coastal states.  In addition, our distribution network is successfully supported by a fleet of over 50 tractor trailers which reliably service jobsites across the state of Florida.

It is an honor to be a preferred partner for most of the nation’s leading home builders and top construction shell contractors.  We welcome you to learn more about our business and industry.