Precast concrete since 1955.

Cast-Crete was founded in 1955 by Ralph Hughes. From humble beginings, the Company originally leased a 50 ✕ 100 yard lot that served five employees with one production line of precast sills.

Prior to 1955, houses were built using brick sills or poured in-place Lintels. Contractors and homebuilders fell in love with precast sills and lintels which provided bored lost and time saving Cast-Crete has going to become the industry’s pioneer of precast concrete U-Iintels and skill for national builds.

Today, Cast-Crete is the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributor of precast U-Iintels and sills growing to nine locations throughout Florida. Since inception, the Company has added additional product lines that serve the commercial and institutional construction markets.

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