Cast-Crete’s strict quality control guidlines coupled with the Company’s long-standing history in the market gives engineers the confidence to use Cast-Crete’s products. The Company has expenses manufacturing capacity to meet production on all orders while saving customers time and money.

Nominal widths available:

4″ Wide Lintels
6″ Wide Lintels
8″ Wide Lintels
12″ Wide Lintels
We have the production capacity to meet any order placed with us or one of our many distributors throughout the nation.



A machine-made product. Water dam and sloped face directs water away from window assembly.


A sand-made finish helps bond the product better mortar, stucco, and paint, as opposed to a smooth conaete finish.


Precast sills save time and money by eliminating the need to cast-in-place a sill and attach a wooden lower window buck.


Pc precast sill = 3000 psi 637 pounds per foot safe wind lateral load rating based on ACI 530 when sill is set in full bed of type M or S mortar.


Complies with Miami-Dade PA201 and SSW 12-99 large missile impact standards for single and double wide applications. All tests performed by Miami-Dade and SBCCI labratory.



Cast-Crete’s parking bumpers are machine-made to ensure uniform dimensions and proper placement of reinforced steel. Finished block texture adheres better than smooth concrete finish.


5″ height provides clearance for bumpers and air dams on low profile cars. Available in 3’0′ lengths or 6’0″ lengths.


Machine made with 3,500 P.S.I concrete. Reinforcing consists of Iwo #3 deformed steel bars.


Cast-Crete manufactures thresholds for standard and glass-sliding doors utilized in masonry and frame structures. The door thresholds provide a straight and true surface on which to mount door frames on more consistently.

Overall Length – ND Threshold

2′ 11′ 1/2 (35 1/2″)
3′ 3 1/2″ (39 1/2″)
5′ 4″ (64″)
6′ 3″ (75″)

Overall Length – SG Threshol

4′ 0′ (48″)
5′ 0″ (60″)
6′ 0″ (72″)
8′ 0″ (96″)


Cast-Crete manufactures pre-cast concrete scuppers in three different sizes for use in conventional block work. Scuppers are a cost-effective method to allow water to exit from parapet walls on flat roof structures and for use on other structures.

Steel Rebar

Straight rebar utilized in masonry block construction; Rebar cut and fabricated into custom shapes and lengths in both are Tampa and Sarasota faultiest.

Other Products

Ancillary products used in masonry construction including: Wire Mesh; Polyfilm; Truss Anchors and Straps; Bagged Pre-mix Mortar

Product Catalogs

Precast Concrete Products
(PDF View & Downloads)

Lintels, Window Sills, Thresholds, Suppers, Parking Bumpers, and Custom Precast items, Includes standard lengths, specifications, load tables, installation details and more.

Design Guide Precast Concrete Products
(PDF View & Downloads)

Includes all information in the Precast Concrete
Products catalog plus lintel data sheets. Lintel data sheets contain safe load tables, moment and shear tables, and load deflection graphs.

Product Information CD

Click on “click here” button to order a copy of Cast-Crete’s Product Information CD Which Includes a Drawing Library with hundreds of CAD sections, our catalogs and much more.

Code Reports & Products Approval

Cast Crete Products

This section includes official documentation for approved use of Cast-Crete products.

Florida Certificate of Product Approval

Click on “Download ” button and view or download Florida Certificate of Product Approval.

Miami-Dade NOA8″ Lintel

Click on “Download ” button and view or download Our Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance for 8 inch Lintels.

Miami-Dade NOA 4,6 & 12″ Lintel

Click on “Download ” button and view or download our Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance for 4,6 and 12 inch lintels.

Miami-Dade NOA 4,6 & 12″ Lintel

Click on “Download ” button and view or download our Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance for 4,6 and 12 inch lintels.


Click on “view” button to view or download information from the most extensive library on concrete masonry technology.

Guide Specifications

Click on “view” button to view or download guide specifications for precast concrete U-lintels and sills in CSI format.


Click on “view” button to view or download the Date for Cast-Crete precast concrete products.